Memory Foam Neck Pillow Brown Colour

Quick Overview

  • Inner Filling : Dyazo Pillows are filled with Memory Foam which adapts perfectly to the shape of the body , provides good support for the cervical vertebrae and  head therefore prevents head, neck and shoulder pain which is usually resulted from sleeping in a seated position.
  • Outer cover : Dyazo Neck Pillows outer Cover, are made of ultra plush velour fabric which is soft and comfortable and  are removable and washable.
  • Perfect for Travelers: Dyazo Pillows are perfect for those who travel for long hours in aeroplane, train and car.
  • Easily manageable while traveling and No-Slip Sleeping : Dyazo Pillows have Loop for hanging and button closer which helps you to hang the pillow easily to backpacks ,luggage, hanging brackets makes it easy to manage while travelling. Button closer also helps you for No-Slip sleeping you can lock the pillow to your neck so it does not slip while taking nap.
  • Warranty: One year limited Warranty.

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